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Swimming halls

Itäksekus Swimming hall, foto: Konsta Linkola


As of Monday 2 November 2020, the city of Helsinki will require face mask usage from all persons above 15 years of age at the indoor sports facilities. The dressing and shower rooms of cities’ indoor sports facilities will be kept open, but they should be avoided or at least used as quickly as possible.

The City of Helsinki has four swimming halls, Itäkeskus, Jakomäki, Pirkkola and Yrjönkatu. There are also nine swimming pools which are run by corporations with support from the City.

Swimming halls run by the City of Helsinki:

Other Swimming halls in Helsinki

Public pool facilities

In addition to swimming halls, Helsinki has dozens of public pool facilities. All public facilities are monitored by the Environmental Health Unit of Environmental Services. Inspections are performed at public pool premises and water samples are taken regularly.

With regard to private pool facilities such as housing association pools only used by residents, the operator is in charge of ensuring that there are no health hazards to the pool users.

You can contact the Environmental Health Unit if you need advice or would like to report a hygiene or health hazard at pool facilities.

Advice on hygiene in pool premises, send an e-mail to:

23.11.2020 17:12

Special swimming card

The special swimming card is valid for one year from the date of purchase.