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Outdoor sports facilities

Lauttasaari Sports park, foto: Konsta Linkola

Sports Services has sports fields, sports tracks, swimming beaches, outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, jogging tracks, skiing tracks and winter swimming places., the service offered jointly by the Cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, has been in use for the past thee years. The service was developed and continues to be developed based on user feedback and experiences. Currently, the service provides seasonal information on the usability of ski tracks, ice skating rinks and beaches, such as the condition of ski tracks and ice skating rinks and the cyanobacterium status on beaches. The service is intended for providing updated information on sports facilities so that customers are able to determine which services are available and in what condition.

23.11.2020 13:41

Other sports facilities

Here You can find information for example of Velodrom and Laakso horse riding field.

Lipas -Finnish sport facilities

Lipas is the official site for Finnish sport facilities!


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