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Enrolment instructions

Please direct any enquiries relating to sports courses on weekdays 9:00–14:00 to the following telephone numbers: 09 310 87501, 09 310 87913, 09 310 87858, 09 310 87205 or by e-mail

Registration for sports courses during the spring season 11.1.—30.4.2021.

Registration for the spring season 2021 sports courses will begin, according to the schedule below, on Monday 4 January 2021 at 9–19 only by phone: 09 310 28858 – this number will be available for registrations until 19:00 on Tuesday 5.1.

Please note that you can register for no more than three weekly group sessions=courses. The maximum number of weekly sessions for water exercise and gym courses is one.

Guidance regarding activities and exercise opportunities for seniors
Senior Info telephone number 09 310 44556 on weekdays 9:00—15:00. Senior Info offers a call-back service. You will receive a reply on the next business day at the latest.

Registration schedules

Monday 4 January 2021

Water exercise for seniors
9:00 Kamppi Sports Centre and Yrjönkatu swimming hall
10:30 Itäkeskus swimming hall, Jakomäki swimming hall and Pirkkola swimming hall

Group exercise for seniors
12:00 Exercise classes and outdoor activities

Adapted exercise
14:00 Gym courses, group exercise and water exercise

Children, young people and families
16:00 Group exercise (includes ice hockey, skating school and sports played with sticks). More information can be found in the session descriptions

Swimming schools for children
17:00 Itäkeskus swimming hall, Jakomäki swimming hall, Pirkkola swimming hall and Yrjönkatu swimming hall

Tuesday 5 January 2021

Gym courses for seniors
9:00 Pirkkola swimming hall and Oulunkylä Sports Park
10:30 Itäkeskus swimming hall, Kontulan Kuntokellari Gym, Liikuntamylly (starter courses)
12:00 Yrjönkatu swimming hall

Swedish-language sports activities

Sports activities for working-age people
16:00 Gym courses, group exercise (exercise classes and outdoor activities), swimming schools, water exercise

Thursday 7 January 2021

You can enquire to see whether there are places available on sports courses by calling the following numbers on weekdays at 9.00–15.00:

- customer service line for sports courses 09 310 87501
- Itäkeskus 09 310 87205
- Kontula 09 310 87453
- Liikuntamylly 09 310 33440
- Kamppi 09 310 41905
- Kisahalli 09 310 87858
- Yrjönkatu 09 310 87403
- Latokartano 09 310 87755
- Pirkkola 09 310 87913
- Oulunkylä 09 310 87885

  • Things to note:
    The times are subject to change.
  • Please note! Sessions for the Kinapori, Kamppi and Töölö service centres cannot be organised in the autumn of 2020 as the facilities in question are closed. Please note! This notification applies to service centres only, to the exclusion of sports centres. For example, the Kamppi Sports Centre will operate normally and course reservations can be made.
  • Registration is binding
  • The City does not provide insurance for participants
  • Link to the sports services price list (PDF, Finnish)
  • Sports and exercise products can be added to the sports services customer card after registration.
  • Also note that the customer agreement terms (Section 4) for the course activities include the new discount group criteria and the related terms and conditions. The following customer groups will receive a 50% discount from some course products and services:
    • children and young people under 18 years of age
    • students
    • unemployed
    • pensioners
    • seniors over 64 years of age
    • holders of a disability card, special swimming card or BMI card, and customers of the City’s sports and exercise guidance services
  • The discount is granted upon registration for course activities, and it remains valid for one season at a time (about 4 months). In order to gain the discount, customers must indicate their age upon registration and, at the beginning of each season, present an official document or customer/ID card to prove that they belong to one of the other discount groups listed above. The aforementioned groups that are entitled to a discount may only claim one discount regardless of how many discount groups they belong to. Customers who fail to prove their eligibility for the discount for which they are applying will be charged the remaining 50% of the basic course price retroactively.

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