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Exercise groups for women

Exercise groups only for women, foto: City of Helsinki

Regional exercise services is a grassroots activity for all adults in different areas of Helsinki. As part of their activities, there are groups only for women. During the autumn and spring seasons, groups for women will be available in the following areas: Vuosaari, Mellunkylä, Jakomäki and Tapulikaupunki.

Swimming for women

  • There is swimming for women on Tuesdays at Jakomäki Indoor Swimming Pool. Admission to these swimming turns is 14.00, 16.00 and 18.00.
  • One-time fee for swimming pool: adults EUR 5.50, other EUR 3.00, and children EUR 2.50.

Additional information

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Class descriptions

Descriptions in alphabetical order.

Fitness tests

Details and reservations.

Sports information

Sports Info is a great opportunity to talk with an expert about exercise recommendations and ask for tips on how to start doing sports.