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Guided Exercise

Men jumping. Foto Aki Rask.

Sports Events

Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the City of Helsinki's sport events and try out some new ways to stay active!  Helsinki Sports Services organises multiple events with exercise opportunities for the whole family throughout the year. For example, at the Myllypuro Football Hall, also known as Pallomylly, you can try out several ball sports with your family. You can also take part in the “Liikuntahulinat” event which includes several family activities in the Myllypuro and Maunula Sports Halls.


Personal exercise counselling

Would you like to exercise more, but don't know where to start? Come and chat with our sports instructors! Together, you will find a way to increase your daily physical activity and wellbeing. After the sessions, your sports instructors will draw up a three-month personalised exercise and activation plan. Exercise counselling includes two sessions, and is available in Finnish and English.

For more information

Exercise counselling for young adults, aged 18-29
tel. +358 40 567 3166

Adults, Aktiivix exercise counselling for adults: 

Eastern Helsinki
tel. +358 40 352 9308

Northern Helsinki
tel. +358 40 351 6379

Western Helsinki
tel. +358 50 401 3629

Exercise Groups

Helsinki City Sports Services also offers a variety of informal guided exercise opportunities in different areas of the city. Check out these adult sports groups here:

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Class descriptions

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Fitness tests

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Sports information

Sports Info is a great opportunity to talk with an expert about exercise recommendations and ask for tips on how to start doing sports.