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Senior Sport, foto: Nina Kaverinen


All organised leisure activities held indoors have been temporarily cancelled. The objective of the new coronavirus restrictions is to stop the spread of the virus in the Metropolitan Area. The coronavirus coordination group encourages private operators to comply with the same restrictions.

The services of are intended for people over the age of 64. The objective of exercising is to maintain and develop physical fitness levels, improve functional abilities and provide joy and recreation. The available classes include hydrobics, fitness classes, guided gym training, gym start-up courses and SeniorSports.

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29.01.2021 14:48

Class descriptions

Descriptions in alphabetical order.

Sports information

Info is a great opportunity to talk with an expert about exercise recommendations and ask for tips on how to start doing sports.

Fitness tests

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Regional exercise services

Regional exercise services are part of the neighbourhood service networks that meet resident needs with versatile activities.