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Aktiivix physical activity counselling

Aktiivix physical activity counselling promotes active lifestyles with the help of personal consultation and behavioural training. Customers are encouraged to increase physical activity in their everyday routines and taught how to do that to improve their wellbeing. 

Approximately six months long consultation involves four meetings with the specialist. Customer progress is monitored with motivation and activity surveys as well as with anthropometric measurements. In addition, customers receive monthly e-mails encouraging them to be more active.

The consultation can be supported with weekly peer group meetings, the Sport Department’s low-threshold physical activity groups, printed materials and advice on regular and healthy eating habits.

If you have type 2 diabetes, are at high risk of developing diabetes or are markedly overweight (BMI 30 and over), you are eligible for personal physical activity counselling.

Aktiivix physical activity counselling is available through the health stations of Eastern, Northern, Northeast and Southern Helsinki.

Northern Helsinki
Tel. 040 351 6379

Northeast Helsinki
Tel. 09 310 87512 and 050 593 3447

Eastern Helsinki
Tel. 09 310 87966 and 040 352 9308

Southern Helsinki
Tel. 09 310 87858 and 050 401 3629

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