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An Invitation to Rethink and Reform (Stream)

Sat  – 22:15

Tiivistämö, Sörnäisten rantatie 22 / Kaasutehtaankatu 1, Helsinki

SADE Ry presents you a unique opportunity to rethink and reform with Junious “House” Brickhouse. This online lecture will be followed by a discussion with Junious hosted by Sophia Wekesa and accompanied by Sara Hirn and Michaela Moua.
The evening will be crowned by DJ Mate Masie who will give you a chance to have your own private party from the very comfort of your home.

19-20 Lecture with Junious Brickhouse
20-21.15 Conversation with the guests.
21.15-22.15 DJ Mate Masie

This event can be attended vi internet only.
You'll get link and pass word after purchasing ticket.
Lecture and talks are in english.

Junious Brickhouse (USA)
Michaela Moua (FIN)
Sara Hirn (FIN)
Host: Sophia Wekesa (FIN)
DJ Mate Masie (USA)

If and when the music takes control: tag us on instagram by using @sade_finland and #sadefinland. Share and show us your groove!

unious Brickhouse:
Junious Brickhouse is an artist, educator, and folklorist who has been active in Street Dance Culture for over 30 years. He is the Founder of Assassins Crew DC, Founder/Executive Director of Urban Artistry, Inc. and serves as serves as Director of the US Department of State’s Next Level Hip Hop Diplomacy Program.
Facebook: jlbrickouse Instagram: @jlbrickhouse Twitter: @JLBrickhouse

DJ Mate Masie:
Russell Campbell Assassins Crew DJ Mate Masie has incredible passion for DJing. He started spinning records in 2001 at night clubs like Modern(DC), 18th street lounge(DC) and Sky Lounge Baltimore. Encouragement from Urban Artistry gave me endless opportunities to hone my craft. I am thankful for Junious Brickhouse for investing in my personal and Artistic growth. People like him are the reason why I continue.

Sara Hirn:
Vuosina 1996-2018 Sara työskenteli tanssijana ja koreografina sekä Suomessa että ulkomailla. Palattuaan pysyvästi Suomeen vuonna 2004 hän halusi luoda Suomeen samanlaista tanssikulttuuria kuin se, mihin olin tottunut Yhdysvalloissa ja Euroopassa. Vuosien varrella hän on mm. tuonut useita kansainvälisesti tunnettuja opettajia jakamaan tietotaitoaan suomalaisille harrastajille ja ammattilaisille. Näistä esimerkkeinä Junious Brickhouse (US), Damon Frost(US/SWE), K-Mel (US), Link (US), Meech (FRA), Wilpower (US), Bruce Ykanji (FRA).
Vuonna 2005 Sara perusti Topi Tateishin kanssa SADE-festivaalin. Festivaali oli ensimmäinen laatuaan Suomessa ja monista 2000-luvulla SADE-jameissa aloittaneista nuorista onkin kehittynyt suomalaisen katutanssin johtotähtiä.
Sara on osa kansainvälistä tanssiryhmää Assassins Crew ja työskentelee Kiasma-teatterin URB-festivaalin luovana tuottajana sekä freelance tuottajana ja asiantuntijana tanssin kentällä.

Michaela Moua:
Michaela Moua is the vice chair of Anti-Racist Forum, a BIPOC led anti-racist, intersectional, feminist organization. She is currently a project manager at the Ministry of Justice where she is co-ordinating a 2-year, EU funded antiracism and nondiscrimination project, , which aims to combat discrimination and harassment faced by members of visible ethnic or religious minorities. Michaela is also an antiracist activist and a solution focused brief therapist and specializes on the effects of racism and discrimination on mental health and racialized clients who suffer from the trauma of systemic and cumulative racism. She is also a core member of the Good Hair day collective of AfroFinns. The aim is to take charge of creating our own history and narrative.Good hair Day activities are led by the for us by us principle, which means that we as AfroFinns define our own means of representation and are actively involved. The annual GHD event aims to increase knowledge in afrohaircare, broaden representations and curate the creation of safer spaces.

Sophia Wekesa:
Sophia Wekesa is a Helsinki based performer, dancehall dancer, dj and the Head of Self Care of the Ruskeat Tytöt media.
Sophia has lectured and facilitated discussions on anti-racism, whiteness and allyship to various different operators from social work professionals to arts students.
Previously she has worked at the Tyttöjen Talo as the head of culture sensitive girlwork. The heart of youth work was the discussion and practice of anti-racist methods as well as having safer spaces be included in the low-threshold activities.
As a dj Sophia is a part of the Mellow Yellow -club and a member of a collective under the same name. The core of their work is to further safer, discrimination and harrasment free club culture in Helsinki.

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