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Construction and renovation projects

The City of Helsinki seeks to develop urban spaces that offer high-quality living and working environments. The development aims at high density and reliance on public transport, while energy-related and environmental aspects will play important roles.

The City of Helsinki is responsible for the building of the new areas’ infrastructure and public service facilities, along with organising traffic. The total investment will be high: in the next three years alone, the City will invest 800 million euros annually.

The total floor space of new offices and commercial facilities will be 2.5 million square metres and new housing 4.5 million square metres.

The Helsinki Housing Production Department (Att) produces high quality rental homes, owner-occupied homes and right-of-occupancy housing. The Housing Production Department is the Helsinki city organisation in charge of the City's housing development according to the goals set by the City.

Tori Quarters is a place for us all to transform our capital city into a more courageous, more exciting and more open Helsinki. To keep the quarters vivid, the Tori Quarters project also produces events, rents out empty spaces to interesting pop up events and acts as a setting and an enabler for new urban culture.

06.12.2019 18:50