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Streets and parks

The Public Works Department is charged with the construction and renovation of streets in Helsinki. 

Selection of sites

In the annual budget, the City Council determines the amount of money to be spent on street construction and renovation during that year. New streets are mainly built in new or expanding residential districts. An old street is renovated, when its condition is no longer adequate with regards to use, safety or general appearance.

Worksites in Finnish

Traffic Planning

Transportation and traffic planning, a part of land-use planning, includes all modes of transportation: public transport, vehicular traffic, parking, as well as cycling and pedestrian networks. In Helsinki’s planning one of the top priorities is to promote the fluency and service level of public transport. 


The parks are our communal living rooms, offering experiences throughout the year. Someone enjoys a relaxing stay in a park, another person loves a sweaty performance on a track, someone is brightened up by a walk in a park on a cold winter’s day while another person enjoys a summer picnic the most.

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