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Water and energy


The overall length of the water supply network in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is about 2,900 km. Of this, about 300 km are water mains that convey water to water towers and large consumption centres. The water distribution pipes branch off of the mains, and the properties are connected to the distribution pipes through their own water service pipes.

In order to keep the water management networks in working order, maintenance measures, such as network flushing, cleaning and checking, are carried out proactively. The aim is to prevent disturbances and risks in the water and sewer network. The duration of the disturbances is minimised by means of a round-the-clock stand-by system.

HSY: Water networks


Electricity network cables are being replaced each year, and earth construction works cannot be avoided. Excavation schedules are co-ordinated with other construction work in the city to cause as little disturbance as possible. Disturbance is minimised with information boards, traffic arrangements and protection of excavations.

Ongoing projects


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