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General regulations

Section 1 Objective, scope of application and relation to other regulations

The objective of environmental protection regulations is to prevent environmental pollution while taking local conditions into account.

These environmental protection regulations must be abided by in the City of Helsinki in order to fulfil the responsibilities specified in the Environmental Protection Act (527/2014). These regulations are valid throughout the city, unless otherwise specified later on.

The regulations are not applied to operations that are subject to a permit or registration based on the Environmental Protection Act. The regulations are also not applied to actions in accordance with section 31 of the Environmental Protection Act, situations in accordance with section 120 of the Environmental Protection Act or the notification procedure specified in subsection 1 of section 136 of the Environmental Protection Act or operations of the Finnish Defence Forces and the Finnish Border Guard.

These regulations are not applied to the handling and storage of chemicals by facilities conducting limited or large-scale industrial handling and storage of chemicals, which is subject to a permit or a notification.

Environmental protection regulations are observed alongside other municipal regulations and simultaneously with them, where applicable. These regulations include the waste management regulations in the Helsinki region and the City of Helsinki building order.

Section 2 Issuing and monitoring environmental protection regulations

The administrative regulations of the City of Helsinki (City Council 3 May 2017, Section 206) delegate the issuing of environmental protection regulations to the City Environment Committee’s Environment and Permits Sub-committee that issues orders on the basis of section 202 of the Environmental Protection Act (527/2014).

Compliance with regulations is monitored by the municipal environmental protection authority, which in Helsinki comprises the City Environment Committee’s Environment and Permits Sub-committee and the City of Helsinki Environment Services (, +358 (0)9 310 1635).

Section 3 Local conditions

The City of Helsinki has areas that require more specific regulations on preventing, removing and reducing environmental contamination.

Important groundwater areas refers to the groundwater areas of Vartioharju, Tattarisuo, Vuosaari, Santahamina, Isosaari and Fazerila, which is partly located in Vantaa.  Groundwater areas are specified in the Helsinki map service, for example ( -> Environment and nature -> Geotechnical material).

Flood risk areas refers to areas that are likely to be submerged by water during sea floods occurring once every fifty years. The areas are indicated in the flood map service maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute.

The facts that Helsinki mainly consists of densely built areas and that Helsinki has plenty of beaches and islands with no road access are also considered local conditions.

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