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Supervision plan

The objectives of environmental supervision are to prevent contamination and to remedy damage caused by contamination. Other objectives of environmental supervision are to prevent hazards caused by waste and waste management as well as promoting the utilization of waste.

The targets of environmental supervision are institutions and operations that require permits and are responsible for submitting reports as provided by the Environmental Protection Act; other industrial operations; noise prevention and waste management at construction sites; and targets of oversight as provided by the Water Act.

Supervision operations are used to monitor and, as necessary, to ensure that activities in the area of the city of Helsinki observe laws, decrees and decisions by environmental authorities concerning environmental protection and waste management. Supervision operations help to decrease emissions to surface and ground water, air and soil. They promote noise prevention, help to decrease the use of hazardous substances and ensure that waste collection, transport and processing are performed as required by the legislation.

Supervision and inspections are used to communicate information about legal requirements, the environmental impact of activities, and the sensitivity of the environment to contamination.

06.12.2019 19:36