Suoraan sisältöön

Import of food of animal origin

Import from other EU countries

An operator must register before starting and closing down operations. Summary of imported foods derived from animals must be reported monthly. 

A change (1397/2019) in Food Act (23/2006) has brought changes in first arrival control. From the beginning of January 2020 the control of receiving food of animal origin from other EU-member states (first arrival control) will be part of the general food control carried out by municipalities. From now on, the control will be included in the Oiva-inspections.

Monthly reporting to Finnish Food Authority (Ruokavirasto) by operators will continue as before for the present.

Notifications of starting, altering or terminating activities at place of first arrivals shall be from now on sent via e-mail to Notifications can be submitted using the form provided by Finnish Food Authority (Ruokavirasto, link below).

Information on upcoming changes in reporting and notifications will be given on Finnish Food Authority’s website (link below). Food business operators in Helsinki may request more information by e-mail:

09.01.2020 13:31