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In-house control

The purpose of in-house control is to ensure that the foodstuffs handled and sold by the food business operator are safe for the consumer. With in-house control, the food business operators themselves control the quality and safety of foodstuffs as well as the appropriate conditions of the facilities.

City of Helsinki Environment services advices operators on creating and carrying out the in-house control plan.

According to the Food Act: “Any operator in the food sector has to have sufficient and correct information about any foodstuffs produced, processed, or distributed by it. Every operator engaged in the food sector shall be familiar with the food hygiene hazards involved in the handling of foodstuffs. An operator in the food sector has to draw up a plan on in-house control (in-house control plan), abide by it, and keep records of how it is carried out.”


06.12.2019 19:30