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Starting a food business from home

If food to be sold is professionally and regularly prepared at home, you must register the home as a food establishment. Operations at home must not cause noise, smell or other hazards to neighbours. Before registering the home as a food establishment, you need to confirm that the building’s owner or its representative (building manager, chair of the board, lessor) does not object to the operations. It is possible to prepare, process and store food at home, except for plant operations. Plant operations mean the preparation of animal-based food, such as a sausage factory or a fish smokehouse.

A food establishment notification regarding professional preparation of food must be submitted to the Food Safety Unit four (4) weeks before starting the operations, at the latest. You can find the form for registering the food establishment on the website of the City of Helsinki. You can submit the notification by filling in the form on the City’s website. You will receive a certificate of registration regarding the notification. The food establishment’s information will be saved in the control data system. Processing the notification is subject to a charge (€160). If there are any changes to the operations or the operations cease, these should be also reported to the Food Safety Unit.

You do not need to register minor operations, such as baking for bake sales a few times a month. According to the Finnish Food Authority, a pop-up restaurant can operate on 12 days during a calendar year before it needs to be registered as a food establishment.

Guidelines for food premises at home (Pdf)

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