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Health Protection

The objective of health protection is to prevent, mitigate and remove health hazards in the living environment.

Health protection is carried out at locations such as plants supplying household water; pool premises; beaches, apartments; day-care centres; schools; care institutions; child welfare units; accommodation premises; spa, tattoo and solarium facilities; sports facilities and public saunas.

Health protection measures are performed by inspecting locations, analysing samples (household, beach and pool waters) and processing the contact requests of residents and customers.

Planned monitoring of health protection (e.g. inspections) is usually subject to a charge (link to the pricelist). Taking water samples is also subject to a charge for the operator. In such cases, the laboratory taking and analysing the samples usually charges the customer directly.

You can contact Environmental Services if you need advice or would like to report a hygiene or health hazard:

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Rat sightings

Extermination of rats and other pests is the responsibility of the building owner. Any rat sightings in the park and street areas can be reported directly to the Urban Environment Division’s customer service.

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