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Water quality

In addition to Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY’s own sampling, the municipal health protection authority monitors the quality of network water in accordance with the monitoring research programme.

The reliability of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area water supply network is also excellent. It is sometimes necessary to close the network locally for pipe renewals, repairs and flushing out. HSY always strives to give advance notice of interruptions in use.

After repair work, precipitates and rust might appear in the water system. This causes temporary changes in water quality, such as discolouration and turbidity. In these cases, it is best to let the water run for a while until it becomes clear again.

If you notice something wrong with the quality of your water, run all of your taps forcefully for about ten minutes and observe whether there are any changes in water quality.

If this does not improve the quality of your water, contact the maintenance company or property manager to get the water that comes to the building analysed. If there is something wrong with the water that is led to the building, contact HSY Water services.

Water quality monitored daily in a laboratory

HSY Water services’ process laboratory is a FINAS-accredited testing laboratory (T225).

HSY’s laboratory monitors the quality of raw water, the water treatment process and the domestic water that is produced by the plants. Additionally, the laboratory monitors water quality in the water supply network.

The water quality is analysed in terms of both its microbiological and physico-chemical properties. The analyses are conducted by the laboratory’s expert personnel. The samplers have been certified as competent to sample water and water areas.

The process laboratory conducts about 50,000 analyses annually.

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