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Temperatures of domestic water

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has set quality requirements for tap water, which include the temperature of water meant for household consumption. The minimum temperature of warm tap water is considered to be at a passable level when it is 50 ºC. The adequate level is 55 ºC.

Warm water systems should supply appropriately warm water within a reasonable period of time. There is no official reference value for the temperature of cold water. However, a temperature of 25 ºC. can be considered to be the recommended maximum temperature for cold water.

If a resident notices changes in water temperatures, he or she should contact the housing company’s property manager. The property manager is obligated to investigate the causes of the temperature problems and take appropriate measures as the person responsible for the condition of the property and the proper functioning of machinery.

Instructions related to warm service water can be found in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s Housing Health Guide and the Ministry of the Environment’s publication Finnish Construction Regulations collection, D 1 The water and drainage systems of properties, regulations and instructions.

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