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Notifications and instructions

Notifications in accordance with the Health Protection Act

Entrepreneurs must issue a notification when the following premises are commissioned, operations or operators change or operations are discontinued:

  • A day-care centre, club premises for children or playground
  • A school or other educational institute
  • A social welfare unit providing continuous care
  • A beauty parlour (Beauty salons at home must issue a notification only if doing treatments that break the skin, such as microblading, etc. However, if completely separate facilities have been reserved for the beauty salon, eg a courtyard building or a garage, a notification must be issued. Notification is not required if only barber and hairdressing services are provided.)
  • Tattoo parlour
  • Solarium 
  • A gym or other sports facility
  • A hotel or other accommodation facility
  • A public sauna (Notification is not required if only order sauna is provided.)
  • A swimming hall or pool premises
  • A public beach
  • A reception centre

Submitting notification

The notification can be submitted online at (in Finnish). The same service can also be used for notifying of the sale and service of food.

You can also submit the notification with a notification form (pdf) that you can send by post or e-mail.

Before you submit your notification, please note

  1. When submitting a notification at ilppa, you need a authorisation granted by the company on behalf of which you want to submit the notification.
  2. You need information on operations and premises used. It is important that you list all of the offered services under “description of operations”. When submitting notification of change, also state what exactly will change in your operations or premises.
  3. The notification must be accompanied by an up-to-date floor plan of the premises. The floor plan must show all water points in the premises.

The matter will be processed in the following way

  1. The notification you submitted will be reviewed to ensure that it includes all information necessary for registering. When necessary, you will be asked to provide additional information.
  2. The operation you reported will be registered, and you will receive a registration certificate. The certificate will usually be sent to the e-mail address you have given. If you have not given an e-mail address or if you have requested so on your notification form, the certificate will be sent to you by post. If you submitted the notification on ilppa, you will now be able to view the information you submitted on ilppa.
  3. Through the notification you submitted, the supervisory authority will receive information on your operations, and you operations will become subject to regular monitoring. Your operations will be monitored, for example, through inspections. The operations you have reported will usually be inspected for the first time within 3 to 12 months of the arrival of your notification.

Registering the notification and inspections are subject to a fee for the company, fees (pdf), in Finnish


These instructions list the requirements and recommendations regarding various premises. They can be used when planning premises or considering the suitability of certain premises to your operations. In-house control instructions are also included.

If you need advice or further information

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