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Indoor pests

Indoor pests found in Finland include different kinds of insects and their larvae, as well as rats and mice. Pests can be divided into textile pests, food pests, vermin and other insects found indoors. In addition to pests, many other wild insects can occasionally be found indoors, having gotten in accidentally.

Environmental Services do not provide pest extermination services or sell pesticides. Pesticides can be bought from locations such as pharmacies, hardware stores, department stores and garden stores. The contact information of companies carrying out exterminations can be found in the service index of the phone book, as well as the online company index.

When purchasing pest control services, make sure the service provider can be found in Tukes’ degree and company registers.

The Indoor pests website

The ‘Indoor pests’ page maintained by Environmental Services helps you identify indoor pests from photos and gives advice on how to exterminate them.

31.08.2021 08:01