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Housing in Helsinki

New housing is being constructed in Helsinki faster than ever. Entire new neighbourhoods are rising in Helsinki, such as Jätkäsaari, Kalasatama and Kruunuvuorenranta. Housing for thousands of new inhabitants is being constructed in other neighbourhoods as well. So there are plenty of different housing types available – owner-occupied housing, rented housing and right of residence housing in both multi-storey buildings and in detached houses around the City.

Multilingual information on housing and renting a home, practical questions related to moving, fire safety, electrical installations and prevention of water damage as well as the rights and responsibilities in both rental homes and owner-occupied homes is available on Info Finland’s website.

Rented housing

The residents to most of the City's housing are chosen according to the applicant’s need of housing, income and wealth. Moreover, the City rents out company housing to its employees and housing, for which there are no wealth limits. In addition to the City, there are many companies, communities and private persons offering rented housing.

Right of residence housing

Right of residence housing is a cross between rented housing and owner-occupied housing. Right of residence housing can be obtained by paying the right of residence payment, which is 15 percent of the original purchase price of the housing unit. Besides that, there is a monthly maintenance charge comparable to a rent. The residents are chosen according to a running number. Applying for a number is free and it is not a commitment to anything.

Hitas and other owner-occupied housing

Hitas housing units are owner-occupied housing, where the City defines the upper limit for the selling price. Hence the selling price of hitas housing units is often lower than in the case of regular owner-occupied housing.

The City assigns plots to self-directed detached house builders and group constructors.

Owner-occupied housing for sale can be searched on developer and real estate agent websites and other web services.

Housing for students and young people

Student housing in Helsinki is rented out by Hoas, the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region. Some students' unions and students' associations rent out housing to their members as well. The Finnish Youth Housing Association NAL and Nuorisosäätiö rent out housing to young people who work or are entering working life.

Housing for special groups

The City offers housing to people who are in need of special assistance. Assistance in housing is also available, for example, for housekeeping.

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Rental housing

The City of Helsinki is Finland’s biggest landlord. The City owns over 56,000 housing units. City rental housing is highly sought after, because the units are reasonably priced.

Rental housing

Right-of-occupancy housing

Right-of-occupancy housing is a mix between rental and owner-occupied housing. Right-of-occupancy housing is built with State subsidy.

Right-of-occupancy housing

Hitas owner-occupied housing

Hitas is a housing price-and-quality control system used in Helsinki. It is aimed at ensuring that housing prices are based on real production costs.

Hitas owner-occupied housing

Housing for special groups

Resident groups in need for special assistance for whom the City provides housing comprise the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, immigrants and young people who have been customers of child welfare.

Job-related housing

The City of Helsinki rents housing for the City personnel. More information about this housing and applying for it is available on the Stadin asunnot (City housing) website.

Job-related housing

Housing and health

Control of health conditions in housing in Helsinki is the responsibility of the Urban Environment Division's Environment services.

Functional and healthy housing