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Right-of-occupancy housing

Apply for a queue number and find more information on right-of-occupancy housing in the Helsinki region on the pages for right-of-occupancy housing.

Right-of-occupancy housing is a mix between rental and owner-occupied housing.

Residents of right-of-occupancy housing pay a right-of-occupancy fee, which is 10-15 percent of the original purchase price of the unit. In addition, residents pay a management fee, which is comparable to rent.

Residents are entitled to stay in right-of-occupancy housing for as long as they wish. When they give up a unit, they are paid back the right-of-occupancy fee that they paid for the unit added with a sum calculated according to the construction cost index.

All people aged 18 or older are entitled to apply for right-of-occupancy housing if they do not own an adequate owner-occupied home in the area and do not have the means to purchase one. The restriction concerning the means does not apply to people aged 55 and older.

Residents are chosen according to queue numbers. After applying for a number, you must submit an application to one or more housing companies.

You can contact our customer service if you have questions concerning right-of-occupancy.

12.07.2021 13:54