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The City's housing companies maintain the rental apartments

Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy (Heka) is a new company founded to manage rental apartments as local housing companies were merged 1.1.2012. The maintenance responsibility for the City's rental housing has been allocated to 21 housing companies. These companies have been organized geographically within the City of Helsinki so that the buildings located in the same residential area have been allocated to that same company.

The companies take care of the surroundings, the buildings, and the apartments. In addition to taking care of building management and the technical functioning of the properties, they also provide housing-related services for the residents and attend to collecting of the rent. The residents can turn to their own company concerning all matters related to housing. All of the companies have a functioning residents' democracy.

Acquaint yourself with the information on the website on the apartments available and the housing companies looking after them.

06.12.2019 18:23