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Goals of planning

The main goals of city planning in Helsinki are based on a strategy programme approved by the Helsinki City Council and on a housing and land use implementation programme.  

According to the strategy and implementation programmes, an average 5,500 new housing units should be produced in Helsinki annually, and the new housing should be served by good public transport connections. In addition to building new housing areas, in-fill construction is carried out in mature areas to bring in new residents, to produce increasingly diverse population structures and to secure good services in the areas.

Helsinki’s goal is to develop new areas and in-fill housing on the existing and future rail transport routes in order to optimize community structures, which will help to mitigate climate change.

The City of Helsinki seeks to ensure good business conditions in the city in order to secure jobs and corporate tax revenue.

The goals of traffic and transport development are a heavy reliance on rail transport, to raise the level of public transport services and to increase opportunities for walking and cycling.

These strategic goals form the basis of the City Planning Department’s operational goals, which include:

  • Detailed plans to allow for the construction of about 5,500 housing units annually, mainly on rail transport routes (5,500 housing units corresponds to about 500,000 square metres)
  • At least 1,650 of the new housing units (150,000 square metres) should be in-fill construction.
  • Good business conditions in the city are secured with plans for sufficient office and other non-residential development in good, easy-to-reach locations.
  • The combined share of walking, cycling and public transport of all journeys should grow by one percent per year.

The City Planning Department’s other operational goals can be found in the department’s operation plan.

In addition to the City’s own goals, planning in Helsinki is steered by national land use goals defined by the Finnish Government. These goals steer planning in the Uusimaa region, which influences the Helsinki city plan and detailed plans. The regional plan is prepared by the Uusimaa Regional Council. Planning is also governed by the Land Use and Building Act and related statute.

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