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Blasting work

In questions concerning blasting work and blasting vibration, it is recommended that you turn to the contractor or builder. Rock excavation is usually highly visible work, and the contractor’s name and contact information are stated on the site board. The situation is often different in case of underground excavation. Information on all blasting work is available from the local police authority ( Information is also available from the following:

City of  Helsinki / Housing and Environment / Land and Buildings / Soil and Bedrock Unit

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY, Water services
Tel (09) 1561 2110

Helsinki City Transport, HCT
Tel (09) 310 1071

Helsinki Regional Transport Authority
Tel (09) 4766 4000

Energy company Helen Ltd
Tel (09) 6171

Senate Properties
Tel (020) 58111

06.12.2019 19:23