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Transportable advertising boards, or so-called A-frames

These instructions were written to ensure accessibility. Advertising boards may cause a significant danger to people with visual impairments. There must also be space for prams and wheelchairs on the pavement.

Picture of placement of transportable advertising boards, or so-called A-frames

The Public Works Committee has in its meeting held on 8 December 2015 (§ 525) confirmed the instructions for the use and placement of transportable advertising boards, or so-called A-frames:

- The Committee decision (in Finnish)

Terms and conditions for the placement of A-frames:

  1. Ground-floor business premises are entitled to have one A-frame on the pavement in front of the building during the opening times of the business.
  2. When these terms and conditions are followed, no fee is collected for the A-frames.
  3. The A-frame may not:
    • extend further than 0.8 metres from the wall of the building. It must always leave at least 1.5 metres free space for pedestrians.
    • be placed onto a bicycle lane or street.
    • be placed in a park, unless it is directly related to operations that take place in that park, such as a kiosk.
    • be attached or tied to traffic signs, trees, tree covers, or any other fixtures on the road.
    • hinder traffic safety.
    • block visibility of traffic or traffic signs, lights, or pavement striping.
    • obstruct maintenance traffic to properties.
    • obstruct street maintenance.
  4. The owner of the advertisement equipment is liable for any damages caused by their A-frames.
  5. The city may remove an A-frame after issuing a complaint if it hinders pedestrian traffic or other use of the area. A-frames that cause danger or are installed in traffic signs or lights are removed immediately.
  6. The city may define more conditions to the placement of A-frames or limit their placement in areas that are significant to the city image.

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