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Plots for blocks of flats and terraced houses

Helsinki is able to offer a large number of plots for blocks of flats and terraced houses for different kinds of housing construction projects. However, the number of plots available varies significantly year on year, depending on the town planning situation and whether the plots are fit for construction, amongst other factors.

General plot draws

Due to the large number of plots, the majority of plots are reserved on the basis of applications, by direct reservation in connection with general plot draws. The city aims to hold at least one centralised general plot draw per year. General plot draws are aimed at professional developers and builders, but they are open to all.

Registration proceedings

In addition to general plot reservation rounds, the city organises a certain number of registration proceedings each year. Compared to the general plot draws, they are more restrictive in nature, and they may be aimed at only certain types of housing projects (e.g. town houses or special housing) and certain types of builders (e.g. group developers).

The draw dates and criteria are defined on a case-by-case basis for registration proceedings.

Quality and price competitions

Some of the city’s residential plots are allocated through separately organised price and quality competitions. These plots are generally central in location.

In quality competitions, those who realise the plots and who the plots are reserved for are selected on the basis of the quality of draft plans for the construction of the competition plot. The price of the plot is set in advance.

In price competitions, the plot is allocated to the party offering the highest purchase price.  An average of about 5–10 quality and price competitions are held each year.

Ongoing plot draw

Plots for which realisers have not been found through the above-mentioned allocation methods are transferred to the so-called ongoing plot draw.

Information about general plot draws, registration proceedings and competitions is available on these pages and in the city’s official advertisement paper and/or trade magazine for the construction sector (for competitions aimed at professional builders/developers).


More information:

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