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Digital maps

The Urban Environment Division City survey services maintains the principal maps of Helsinki which include the base map (scale 1:500), the cadastral map ( scale 1:4,000) and the guide map ( scale 1:20,000). 

These geographical information materials are the most accurate and current atlas describing Helsinki. Materials can be viewed at, the Helsinki map service.

The following geographical information materials are available as digital map products:

  • Base map: used in community planning, community building, and in town planning, scale 1:500, some of the objects such as buildings are also available in 3D. 
  • Cadastral map: a generalised base map with highlighted real estate data, scale 1:4,000. 
  • The guide map: suited for guiding and as a general map for many purposes, scale 1:20,000. 
  • Orthophotograph: utilised in community planning, community building, and in town planning, may be used as a base map and also to illustrate terrain, available in different resolutions and from different years, the most accurate resolution is 5 cm/pixel. 
  • Oblique aerial photographs: oblique photos from the Helsinki area, available of a number of objects and different years. 
  • Lidar datasets: scan accuracy typically one point per five square centimetres, file formats LAS and POD. 
  • Elevation models: for example, altitude contours at 10 cm intervals from the entire city, scale 1:500. 
  • Map of underground pipes and cables: combined map of underground pipes and cables for data communications and heat, energy and water resources management, scale 1:500. 
  • Combined detailed plan map: the situation concerning the valid detailed plans of the City, includes the legally valid detailed plan map as part of the combined plan map. 
  • Plan index map: the situation concerning the valid detailed plans of the City, includes the outer framing as well as the name and identifier of the detailed plan. 
  • Pictorial map: visualised map presentation of the Helsinki city centre, buildings presented as a three-dimensional picture. 
  • Helsinki region map: general vector map of the metropolitan area and the 14 surrounding municipalities, produced in cooperation with the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) and the municipalities. 
  • Building prohibitions map: the valid building prohibition areas of the City. The building prohibitions are defined as part of the detailed plan process. 
  • Map of addresses: includes addresses and address numbers of properties, buildings and detailed plan units. Mainly for the City’s internal use. 
  • Administrative units map 
  • Fixed survey marks 
  • Plot division maps 
  • Historical maps and orthophotographs from different years (maps and aerial photographs also available on, the Helsinki map service.
  • Database of addresses: street names in Finnish and Swedish and address numbers, location defined as a coordinate point. 

The standard map and geographical information materials can be used for producing tailor-made material products according to the wishes of the customer, in vector and raster format and in different coordinate systems. The map products are delivered as paper printouts, digital maps, PDF files or RGB images, according to need, some material is available as printed maps. Queries about tailor-made maps are to be directed to the Map Service of the City survey services. Materials are also shared as a viewing service through the WMS service and through the WFS service. 

Geographic coordinate system and height system

The City of Helsinki changed to a new Geographic coordinate system and a new height system in December 2012. 
Current systems are:  ETRS89/ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879) coordinate system and the N2000 height system. 
Formerly "The City of Helsinki coordinate system" and the national "NN height system" were in use.  

Delivery methods 

Vector materials are maintained as MicroStation files (DGN) in the ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879) coordinate system. 
The materials are mainly delivered in MicroStation (DGN), Autocad (DWG) or PDF format. On separate agreements materials are also delivered in other formats and coordinate systems, such as GeoPackage, MapInfo (TAB and MIF) or Shape (SHP) files. The minimum work charge for customised map deliveries is one hour. There is an advance pricing for ready-made packages of the most used and ordered map materials, which includes the material charge and delivery costs.  

The material to be delivered can be delimited according to the needs of the customer, either by area or by object class. 
Raster materials can be delivered according to the customer's specifications in different image formats. Image files are imposed to the coordinate system with an imposing file (TWF Word file or tab-file). 

Map service contact information: 

Tel. +358 9 310 22111 

Visiting address
Työpajankatu 8, 1st floor, Helsinki 00580. 


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More info: 

Maps in Construction and Printed Maps: 

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Customer service, tel. (09) 310 22111;