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Accidents occurring in public areas, such as streets or parks, are usually the responsibility of the party responsible for the maintenance of the area in question. The City is usually in charge of maintenance in suburban areas, but some tasks are the responsibility of properties in the City centre. 

Examples of responsible parties

The responsibility of the property

  • In the City centre, the prevention of slipperiness on the pavement is the responsibility of the owner of the adjoining property.
  • Prevention of slipperiness in the entrance to the property and the emergency access road.
  • prevention of slipperiness resulting from any meltwater running to the street from the property and freezing.

The responsibility of the Urban Environment Division

  • Roadway condition, such as repairing potholes, removing fallen trees and maintaining traffic signs.
  • Slipping on the roadway.
  • Prevention of slipperiness in the entire street area, i.e. the roadway and the pavements in suburban areas.


  • Helsinki City Transport HKL is responsible for the tram tracks and the area between the tracks.
  • Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY is responsible for sealed manhole covers.

Instructions for seeking damages

Please complete the application below with the details of your accident and mark the precise location of your accident on the map. Your matter will be processed faster if you report your accident as precisely as possible and attach photographs of the accident site and injury or damage.


Application for compensation for damage (PDF) »

Instructions for applying for compensation in Finnish (PDF) »

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