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Street washing in spring

Street dust levels rise every spring. 

The City collects the grit accumulated over the winter months from City-maintained streets, bikeways and sidewalks. The total length of ways to sweep and wash is about 2,500 kilometres. Spring street maintenance begins as soon as the weather allows. Streets can only be cleaned efficiently after snow and ice have melted from curbs.

Properties clean sidewalks in the inner city

The cleaning of sidewalks is carried out by properties in the most parts of the inner city. In so called total street maintenance responsibility area the City carries out the cleaning. Dust prevention requires washing of streets, which is mainly the responsibility of properties in the inner city. Streets should be washed daily especially at busy streets for as long as street dust occurs. The washing should not cause slipperiness.

Properties can sweep grit to the edge of the roadway – but not onto tram tracks – and the City will remove it as the roadway is cleaned. No grit should be swept onto a roadway already cleaned.

Check the street cleaning timetable and remove your car

Street cleaning is far quicker when the City does not have to remove parked cars. Street cleaning is announced with signs posted on streets, on the Web and with SMS messages. The online service announcing street maintenance plans can be used by all car owners to find out when they should remove their cars for street cleaning.

In addition to SMS messages and the online service, no-parking signs are posted on streets to announce street cleaning. If you have parked your car on the street after a no-parking sign has been posted, you are also charged for the car's removal.

27.01.2021 18:23