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Winter street maintenance

Helsinki City Construction Services, Stara, takes care of the street.

The City first ploughs the main streets and streets used by public transport. Residential streets are ploughed after the busier streets.

Parked cars slow the work considerably. You can speed up the work by removing your car yourself. You can check the winter street maintenance timetable online:

The Act on the maintenance, cleaning and clearing of public areas divides responsibilities of the street maintenance between the City and private properties. The majority of responsibilities are transferred to the City in large parts of the city (so called total street maintenance responsibility). In some parts responsibilities are divided traditionally.

Traditional division of responsibilities

Properties are responsible for the following:

  • The ploughing and gritting of sidewalks is the responsibility of the properties at the sidewalks
  • Removing snow piles on sidewalks and beside sidewalks, as well as ensuring that gutters and storm water inlets at curbs are not blocked
  • The winter maintenance of bus and tram stops if the stops are on sidewalks
  • The winter maintenance of pedestrian ways structurally separated from bikeways (e.g. if they are separated by a line of trees or some dividing structure, or they are clearly at different levels).

Properties can take snow to City-maintained snow dumping sites against a fee.

The City is responsible for the following:

  • Winter maintenance of roadways
  • Sidewalks and bus and tram stops at City-managed properties and parks. The Urban Environment Division clears the sidewalks and the sidewalks at parks.
  • Separated and combined bike and pedestrian ways. 
  • Bus and tram stops on islands in the middle of a street are the responsibility of Helsinki City Transport (HKL).

Total street maintenance responsibility

Street maintenance tasks have been taken over by the City. This means that the City carries out the winter maintenance of both roadways and sidewalks. However, properties must clear their driveways after streets are ploughed.

The costs for tasks that used to belong to properties are covered with maintenance fees charged by the City.

In the Östersundom district, the City is responsible for all road and street maintenance, with the exception of private roads and roads on the responsibility of road maintenance bodies or the Finnish Transport Agency.

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Damage caused in public areas should be corrected by the party responsible for the area’s maintenance.

Street maintenance fees

The city charges properties for sidewalk winter maintenance in certain areas.

Snow dumping sites

The City accepts snow removed from streets and properties at its snow dumping sites.