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Where does the snow go? – Snow dump areas

The City of Helsinki transports ploughed snow to seven snow dump areas on land and one in the sea. 

In addition to this, snow is heaped around the city in temporary snow dump areas in open spaces, market squares and the edges of parks, when necessary. These temporary snow dump areas may only be used by City contractors.

Why is snow not just left where it falls?

Snow is ploughed to the side of the roadway, and the resulting snow banks are left in place in areas where there is sufficient space to leave the snow. When these spaces start to fill up and the forecast promises snowfall, these snow banks are transported to official snow dump areas.

Densely built-up areas do not usually have sufficient space for snow banks and leaving snow on the streets. Snow must be removed from such areas.

Snow banks and heaps of snow must be removed from areas where they may cause hazards. These sites include zebra crossings, areas around bridge railings and areas where it may block lines of sight near crossings and intersections.

Snow dump areas

Other maintenance companies in addition to City contractors may also dump snow in these areas. The maintenance companies must register as dump area users here.

Dumping snow in the dump area is subject to a charge (€20/load + 24% VAT). Dumping snow in City-owned areas other than the official dump areas is prohibited. All dumped snow must be clean and free of waste.

Snow dump areas are opened when the need for snow transportation from street areas starts in the winter. Some snow dump areas may have to be closed temporarily due to maintenance. Maintenance work, which usually lasts for 30 to 120 minutes, includes clearing the dump area roadway and making room for new loads.

Location: Southern tip of Hernesaari
Opening hours: 24 h

Location: South side of the road leading to Fastholma, access via Majavatie
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 7:00–22:00, Sat 7:00–14:30

Location: Kyläsaarenkatu 8
Opening hours: Mon–Wed 7:00–22:00, Thu–Fri 7:00–20:30, Sat 7:00–14:30

Location: Access via the Malmi Airport intersection on Tattariharjuntie.
Opening hours: Mon-Sun  7:00–20.30 (closed for maintenance 11–12)

Location: Access via Kaarelanvierto
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 7:00–22:00, Sat–Sun 7:00–20 (closed for maintenance 10–11)

Oulunkylä (Patola)
Location: Access via Risupadontie
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 7:00–21, Sat–Sun 7:00–20 (closed for maintenance 11–12)

Location: Viikintie 33
Opening hours: 24 h

Location: Access via Satamakaari
Opening hours: 24 h

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