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Planning and construction

Transport and traffic planning in Helsinki embraces all modes of transport: public transport, cars, cycling and walking. There is a special emphasis on public transport to ensure smooth and high-quality service. Traffic safety is the key goal in all transport and traffic planning.

From city plan to street plan

Major transport and traffic solutions, including main streets and rail lines, are defined in the city plan and partial city plans.

More specific transport and traffic arrangements are defined in traffic plans prepared with detailed plans. Transport and traffic plans define how streets are divided among different transport modes (cars, trams, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.), the number of lanes and parking.

A smaller arrangement such as the conversion of a junction to a roundabout can be made on the basis of a transport and traffic plan alone without revising the detailed plan.

Street plans are made on the basis of transport and traffic plans. Street plans define street dimensions, elevation, pavement materials, plants, lighting and draining solutions.

Decision making

City plans and detailed plans as well as traffic plans and street plans are made by Urban Environment Division, which is also responsible for street construction.

City plans and detailed plans are  approved by the City Council. Street plans are approved by Urban Environment Committee. In case of large implementation costs for traffic and street plans, the plans are approved by the City Board and City Council.     

The smallest arrangements such as speed bumps are approved by the Head of Traffic and Street Planning.


The street network is improved on the basis of initiatives and feedback from residents and organisations. Feedback can be submitted through the City feedback system. Initiatives are sent to the City Registry Office.

Anyone can participate in transport and traffic planning by giving feedback on plans under preparation. Information on current plans is published on the Internet, in newspapers and by mail to the parties concerned.

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