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Traffic plans under preparation

This page lists the main transport and traffic plans under preparation. The status and documents of the plans can be reviewed on the Helsinki map service. Projects open for comments can be freviewed on the Current Plans page.

Main streets and roads

Hakamäentie extensions
Old tunnel plans extending Hakamäentie to Turunväylä and to the east to Lahdenväylä and Hermannin rantatie have been updated. The veering of Tuusulanväylä to Veturitie has also been reviewed. The Helsinki transport and traffic system plan assigned the western and eastern extensions to 2021–2035.

Itäväylä and Linnanrakentajantie junction
Helsinki City Council approved the general plan in 2008. A revision of the plan launched by the Public Works Department and the street plans for the first construction stage were completed in 2012.

Ring Road I and Myllypurontie junction
The development of sites next to the Myllypurontie junction according to the detailed plan requires alterations to the existing junction. The junction plans have been revised, and road planning commenced later.

Ring Road I and Itäväylä junction
A solution for the Ring Road I and Itäväylä interchange has been selected with the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

Ring Road II extension
A general plan for the Ring Road II extension from Turunväylä to Hämeenlinnanväylä was completed in 2008. A study on the impact of the transport and traffic network is being conducted in cooperation with the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, as well as with Espoo and Vantaa.

Koivusaari junction to Länsiväylä
The future Koivusaari district will require to be connected to Länsiväylä. A site reservation plan on transport and traffic arrangements in the area has been prepared in cooperation with the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. Plans are revised.

Kuninkaantammi and Hämeenlinnanväylä junction
A feasibility study on an interchange at Kuninkaantammi is being conducted, comparing an interchange solution with an alternative to upgrade the current junction.

Transfer bus stops on Tuusulanväylä and Yhdyskunnantie
Traffic on the Jokeri 2 bus line began in autumn 2015. New bus stops on Tuusulanväylä and Yhdyskunnantie will improve transfer between the Helsinki Metropolitan Area’s radiating and traverse bus lines.

Itäväylä and Linnanrakentajantie junction
The preparation of a detailed plan commenced on the basis of a general plan approved by the City Council. A feasibility study is being conducted to assess the value of the project for society.

Office Manager Katariina Baarman, tel. 310 37125
Transport and Traffic Engineer Heikki Palomäki, tel. 310 37312

Sörnäinen tunnel
A detailed plan and transport and traffic plan are prepared for a tunnel between the stretch Sörnäisten rantatie–Hermannin rantatie. The tunnel will enable housing construction in northern Kalasatama and improve the environment at Kalasatama Centre, as through traffic moves into the tunnel.
Transport and Traffic Engineer Johanna Iivonen, tel. 310 37137

Transport and traffic plans in city districts

City centre
A study has been conducted on the growth of car traffic in the inner city and the functionality of the transport and traffic network as transport and traffic volumes grow because of the development in Jätkäsaari, Kalasatama and Pasila. Also evaluated is the impact of various parking policies and transport and traffic pricing policies on the functionality of the network.
Director of Transport and Traffic Planning Ville Lehmuskoski, tel. 310 37079
Transport and Traffic Engineer Petri Blomqvist, tel. 310 109

The transport and traffic arrangements on Telakkakatu are planned again. The street will have tram tracks and bike lanes.
Transport and Traffic Engineer Anna Nervola, p. 310 37135

Transport and traffic planning for Östersundom has been carried out in conjunction with the district’s land use planning. The district’s transport and traffic network is expanded, and small-scale local arrangements are planned and implemented as necessary, such as bus stops, pedestrian passages and cycling arrangements.
Transport and Traffic Engineer Markus Ahtiainen, p. 310 37088


A parking policy study has been completed, and the main aspects of the Helsinki parking policy as well as further measures have been decided. Helsinki commences a revision of the instructions for parking space volumes at City operations in cooperation with the neighbouring municipalities and Helsinki Region Transport. In addition, the implementation of the regional commuter parking strategy and action plan has commenced in Helsinki.
Director of Transport and Traffic Planning Ville Lehmuskoski, tel. 310 37079
Transport and Traffic Engineer Juha Hietanen, tel. 310 37120

Promotion of walking

The preparation of a plan for a walking study and a walking development programme has commenced in Helsinki. As a result, various pedestrian street areas, measures to promote walking and pedestrian research have been approached comprehensively. The development of the pedestrian centre is continued with the help of studies focusing on the city structure and transport and traffic. The preparation of a plan is commenced for a pedestrian network in the city centre protected from weather.
Transport and Traffic Engineer Pekka Nikulainen, tel. 310 37086

Strategic transport and traffic development programme

A strategic transport and traffic development programme has been prepared. The development programme defines long-term policies for the development of the city transport and traffic system.
Director of Transport and Traffic Planning Ville Lehmuskoski, tel. 310 37079
Office Manager Matti Kivelä, tel. 310 37145

Traffic safety

The key goal of transport and traffic planning is traffic safety. The preparation of a programme to improve traffic safety in all Helsinki commenced in 2013. The programme takes into consideration experiences from earlier speed limit experiments, traffic signal light arrangements and other measures to improve transport and traffic.
Transport and Traffic Engineer Hanna Strömmer, tel. 310 37106

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