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Participation and day activities

Wear a face mask in social and health care services

We recommend that everyone who is 12 years old or older uses a face mask in all social and health care facilities.

Read more here: Coronavirus updates from Helsinki

Work and day activities for persons with disabilities during summer 2022

The work and day activities units listed below are closed 4–31 July.

  • Haavikko teaching and adult education centre
  • Cäpsä disability work unit
  • Töölö disability work unit
  • Vallila disability work unit
  • Kalasatama activity centre
  • Pasila activity centre
  • Polku activity centre
  • Sofianlehto activity centre
  • Tanhua activity centre

If necessary, activities are organised for customers at the Kalasatama activity centre.

Disability services during the coronavirus pandemic

Services are open

The work and day activity services are open with full capacity. All available measures to help ensure safe operations have been taken, but group activities and our premises pose a major challenge when it comes to avoiding infections, and it is not entirely possible. All our clients are not able to keep safety distances or wear face masks. Daily group sizes in different centres vary.

Participate only if you are healthy and vaccinated

For ensuring the safety of our service, it is vitally important that clients only participate in work and day activities when they are perfectly healthy. Do not come to the centre if you have even the mildest symptoms of COVID-19. When returning from abroad, observe current recommendations related to travelling.

We also recommend that all work and day activity participants receive COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccination is voluntary. For the residents of Uusimaa, vaccination appointments can be booked at

Activities intended to increase the social participation of disabled customers in need of extensive or comprehensive assistance provide meaningful activity and content for their everyday lives.

In addition to City of Helsinki operations, services are also available at contract units.

Day activities for severely disabled customers comprise such activities that support their independent living and promote social interaction.

Day activities for people with disabilities

In the context of organising day activities, a person with a severe disability refers to a person who, despite being of working age, is not able to work and not able to participate in work activities due to a severe physical handicap caused by a disability or an illness and whose income is based primarily on benefits granted on the basis of an illness or incapacity to work.

Day activities for people with severe disabilities are goal-oriented activities that promote activity and are organised outside of the home. The activities support the client’s capacity for independent living and promote social interaction and participation in the local community and society.

Clients can apply for participation in day activities through their local social work unit.

The service is available at the Suez Day Activities Unit, the City service location. In addition to the City service location, the service is also available at purchased service units.

Day activities for promoting the participation of the intellectually disabled

The clients of activities for promoting the participation of the intellectually disabled are persons who need comprehensive or all-encompassing support. The activities aim at supporting adulthood, initiative, participation and independence. All clients are provided with meaningful activities based on their personal needs.

Activities for promoting participation are based on the client’s personal goals, which are determined in collaboration between the client and their interest group. The aim is to allow the client to operate and participate in their community and society in accordance with their own abilities.

The emphasis of the activities is on interaction with other people, making personal choices, experiencing joy and empowerment. The activities make use of communication methods that complement or substitute for speech. The activities include culture, arts, sports, music as well as sensory and nature-based experiences.

Clients can apply for participation in work and day activities through their local social work unit.

The service is available at the following City locations

  • Polku Activity Centre
  • Pasila Activity Centre
  • Sofianlehto Activity Centre
  • Tanhua Activity Centre
  • Kalasatama Activity Centre

In addition to City service locations, the service is also available at purchased service units.

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