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Home help and work with families

Home services
for families recognize, prevent and ease problems faced by children, young people and families at the earliest possible stage.

The goal is to support families in their everyday lives and the development of children with the help of the families’ own resources. The means to the goal are discussion, guidance and joint activities.

Services provided by maternity and child clinics consist of support, guidance and information for families in varying situations of life.

Families should seek services by contacting the social counsellor of their own district. The social counsellor primarily meets with families at their homes.

Services for the Romani
are goal-oriented and systematic family services for the Romani people.

Service voucher

Service vouchers are also available for the home services for families with children.

NOTE! The period of validity and the number of hours granted for service vouchers for home services remain unchanged in the current exceptional circumstances.

Read more in the customer letter (pdf)

Brochure: Social services guidance for families (pdf)

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