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Child supervisors

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Wear a face mask in social and health care services

We recommend that everyone who is 12 years old or older uses a face mask in all social and health care facilities.

Read more here: Coronavirus updates from Helsinki

The child supervisors of the Family Law Services Unit of Helsinki offer services to families in Helsinki in the following matters:

  • determining paternity 
  • determining maternity 
  • agreements concerning the custody, residence, right of access and maintenance of children 

    A brochure detailing the services of child supervisors is available in Finnish (PDF), Swedish (PDF), English (PDF), Arabic (PDF), Estonian (PDF), Russian (PDF) and Somali (PDF).

    Our office are located at:

    Vironkatu 2, 00170 Helsinki
    Map, transport connections, accessibility
    PO Box 8620, 00099 City of Helsinki;

    The services of child supervisors are available by appointment only.
    Services for paternity and maternity issues are provided within 1–2 weeks. For other matters pertaining to children’s agreements, the waiting time is three months.

    Appointments can be booked by phone on Monday and Wednesday from 9:00–11:00 and Tuesday and Thursday from 13:00-14:00, tel. 09 3104 4999.

  • Appointment booking by phone is recommended particularly for clients with paternity and maternity issues who need an interpreter for meetings or those who do not have Finnish personal identity codes.

  • Online appointment booking (only for agreement matters)
    The service is only available in Finnish. You can only book an appointment online if you have a Finnish personal identity code and do not need an interpreter for meetings. All of the child supervisors speak Finnish and English. Note: More info about the online appointment booking is provided in English at the bottom of this page.

    More information on the services provided by child supervisors and other services for families in the event of parents’ separation is available here (PDF in Finnish).

    Because of problems in out clientsystem, it is not possible to book appointments at the moment. The service at the office is also limited. We will informe, when the situation is normal again.

    Coronavirus update
    : Appointment booking for child supervisors is currently available as normal. The waiting time for children’s agreement matters is currently approximately three months. Some agreement matters are also handled via remote appointments. Appointments for determining paternity or maternity can be booked by telephone with a waiting time of approximately two weeks.

    Due to the coronavirus situation, we request that clients arrive at the office just before their appointment.

    The number to make an appointment for the Walk in -service is not anymore open. 

     Parents can together arrive to the office without an appointment every Tuesday between 8.30-10.15 for preparing an extension to a child support agreement. Read more about the walk-in service here (in Finnish).

    Cancelling an appointment

  • By phone Mon–Fri 9:00–11:00, tel. 09 3104 4999
  • By text message tel. 050 402 0084

    No other services are available via this number. The message should include your name, the exact time of the appointment and the name of the child supervisor for whom your appointment was made. Cancellations are interpreted as applying to both parents.

    Child supervisors’ telephone information and advice

  • General information and advice is available via the number 09 3104 3447
          Mon–Fri 9:00–11:00 and Wed 15:30–18:00.
          Please note! No telephone service on Wednesday evenings 27.6.–16.8.22.

  • The child supervisors’ personal telephone hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:00–13:00, tel. 09 310 5015 (exchange).

    Child supervisors’ online appointment booking

    Booking an appointment

    You can use the online appointment booking service to book an appointment for children’s agreement matters.
    You can log into the online appointment booking service using your online banking codes, mobile certificate, or certificate card. After authentication, the service will verify your personal information via the Population Information System. After this, you can fill in the preliminary information for the appointment, choose an available time and book an online appointment with a child supervisor. You can also opt to receive appointment reminders via text message.

    If you need an interpreter for the meeting, you cannot book an appointment via the online appointment booking service. Clients who need an interpreter can only book appointments by phone, tel. 09 3104 4999 Mon–Fri 9:00–11:00. In child support matters, you can visit child supervisors without an appointment using the walk-in service (the service is currently unavailable due to the coronavirus situation).

    The online appointment booking service lists available appointments for the next three months only. If you do not see any green days in the calendar that opens up after answering the preliminary questions, all available appointments are currently booked. If this is the case, please try logging in again later: available times are constantly being added and booked appointments are also cancelled, which makes them available for others. You can book an appointment directly with the information that you have already entered via the bottom part of your client card (Lastenvalvojat -Käynnissä). Alternatively, you can also book an appointment with a child supervisor by phone, tel. 09 3104 4999 Mon–Fri 9:00–11:00.

    Book your appointment here:

  • Agreement matters

    Re-scheduling or cancelling an appointment

    You can also use the online appointment booking service to cancel or re-schedule a booked appointment: simply log in to the system via the link below, select the appointment to be re-scheduled or cancelled in the list that opens up and follow the instructions. You can also cancel an appointment by sending a text message to the number 050 4020 084 (no other services are available via this number). The message should include your name, the exact time of the appointment and the name of the child supervisor for whom your appointment was made. Cancellations are interpreted as applying to both parents. Remember to inform the child’s other parent if you are moving or cancelling a joint appointment.

    Re-schedule or cancel your appointment here: agreement matters

    Matters for which you can book an appointment online

    You can use the online appointment booking service to book an appointment with a child supervisor for agreement matters pertaining to a child’s maintenance, living arrangements, meetings rights or child support. In agreement matters, the parties to the agreement are the child’s parents, because of which both parents are generally expected to attend appointments and the parent who makes the appointment should also inform the other parent about the appointment. In child support matters, parents should bring with them the necessary income and expense statements and the completed asset information form (paper printout, available below in Finnish).

    Asset information form (PDF)

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