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Open maternity and child health clinics

Wear a face mask in social and health care services

We recommend that everyone over the age of 15 uses a face mask in all facilities within social and health care services.

Read more here: Coronavirus updates from Helsinki

Services at open maternity and child health clinic as of 1 September 2020

The open maternity and child health clinic is intended for non-urgent, brief maternity and child health clinic visits. You can book an appointment with any clinic by using the electronic services at You can book appointments for the next seven days.

At the open maternity and child health clinic you can:

  • receive vaccinations included in the programme
  • weigh the baby
  • measure your blood pressure
  • check your urine sample (glucose and protein levels).

Illnesses are treated and traveller vaccinations administered at health stations.

If you need more than a twenty-minute appointment, please contact your appointed nurse by sending them a message through electronic services. If you do not have access to electronic services, you may call the maternity and child health clinic, tel. 09 310 55530.

Notice! Our phone service is busy at the moment. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Open maternity and child health clinics


Malminkartano, Oulunkylä, Töölö, Viiskulma, Kallio, Vuosaari


Haaga, Lauttasaari, Jakomäki, Puistola, Suutarila, Itäkatu, Kallio


Itäkatu, Kallio, Töölö, Haaga, Pitäjänmäki, Oulunkylä, Maunula, Paloheinä, Pihlajamäki, Malmi, Malminkartano, Munkkiniemi, Laakso


Itäkatu, Kallio, Malmi, Pitäjänmäki, Vuosaari, Töölö


Laajasalo, Munkkiniemi, Pihlajamäki

You can see more detailed information on available appointments and book appointments at > Health care appointment booking > Book an appointment > Open maternity and child health clinic. 

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