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School and student health care

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Tracking of coronavirus affects school health care

  • Because of the increasing number of coronavirus infections, the school health care personnel is moved to the epidemiologic operations unit to work with coronavirus tracking.
  • This means that a nurse won’t necessarily be present in the school the same days as in a normal situation.
  • Planned vaccinations may be delayed and some health checks may be postponed.
  • The school health care nurses return to schools as soon as enough personnel is organised for tracking in other ways.
  • When the nurse is not present in the school, you can contact your own health station in matters related to health.

University of applied sciences student health care services from 1 January 2021 onwards

The City of Helsinki’s student health care services for students of universities of applied sciences will cease on 31 December 2020, as student health care services will be transferred to FSHS from the beginning of 2021.

The electronic health check-up forms available through the electronic services will be discontinued on 1 November 2020 so that the nurses have time to process and respond to the forms sent by students via the service and their possible service needs before the turn of the year.

You can contact the nurses of your educational institution until the end of the year via the electronic services available at
From the beginning of 2021, you can contact FSHS at

The objective is to encourage pupils to adopt healthy lifestyles and to provide them with support in terms of development of self-esteem and management of life skills.

Each school has a designated school public health nurse and a school doctor, whose contact information and appointment hours are printed on bulletins distributed to pupils’ homes. Provision of health care services is based on the number of pupils at each school. The City of Helsinki Health Department recommends that one school public health nurse and one school doctor should not be responsible for more than 800 and 6,000 pupils respectively.

At the beginning of comprehensive school, parents fill in a form concerning their child’s current health status. The child’s health card is sent from the child health clinic to the school health care services. Based on this information, the child’s special needs can then be taken into account at schools. During comprehensive school, the school public health nurse aims to hold yearly appointments with every pupil and there are three standard doctor’s appointments (in forms 1, 5 and 8).


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