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Evaluation of child protection needs

Evaluations of child welfare needs can be performed on the basis of notification from new customers. The evaluation unit performs the necessary investigations.

The duties of the unit are:
- Processing of child welfare notifications and evaluations of needs for child protection
- Social work and guidance for children and youth committing criminal acts

A child welfare case is usually activated on the basis of a report or request by an authority or a private individual to investigate a need for child protection.

A child welfare notification must be evaluated within 7 business days. A decision to carry out an investigation of a child welfare need must be made within the same time frame. The evaluation may conclude that there is no need to perform an investigation. In the event it is concluded that an investigation should be performed, the investigation must be performed within three months of the date when the notification was received, at which time the child is registered as a child welfare customer.

Child welfare notification
Notifications can be made to regional child welfare units or by telephone to +358 (0)206 96006 after office hours.
Click here to access information on the regional child welfare units

You can submit a child welfare notification in client portal Maisa.

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