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Information about the callback service

Information about the callback service

The callback service means that clients do not need to queue on the phone. If the call cannot be answered immediately, the customer's phone number is saved and a nurse will call them back as soon as possible.

How does the callback service work?  

When you call a health station on a weekday, you will first hear a recorded message asking whether you would like to listen to the message in Finnish, Swedish or English. Once you have chosen your preferred language, you will be asked whether you are calling about cancelling an appointment, an urgent matter, or some other matter.

Your call is then connected to a nurse. If all the nurses are busy, the system will save your number and a nurse will call you back as soon as possible on the number that you called from or any other number that you provide. Please make sure to listen to the recording in its entirety and wait for the confirmation saying that your number has been saved.

Our telephone hours are Monday to Friday 8-16.

Hearing-impaired clients who cannot use the call-back system can call the switchboard at tel. +358(0)9 310 5015 with the help of an interpreter and ask to be connected to a health station. These types of calls are not saved in the callback system.

If you are calling from abroad, your call will not be saved in the callback system. Instead, you will be placed in the queue to wait for a nurse to become available.

Contacting a health station

When you require guidance or treatment for an illness on a weekday, call your personal nurse. The nurse will first assess your situation and then either provide home care instructions or refer you to see a nurse or a doctor.

Nurses are easiest to reach by phone during the nurses' telephone hours, which are on Weekdays 8-9 and 12-13. Calls to nurses outside of these hours but during the opening hours of the health station are connected to the health station's customer service office. In urgent matters, we recommend contacting the health station in the morning.

You can find the phone number of personal nurses on the health stations' pages.

24 hr Telephone Health Service – +358(0)9 310 10023

Our nurses provide health related information 24 hours a day via the Telephone Health Service number: +358(0)9 310 10023. Please call this number when you require care instructions or information on health services or clinics in Helsinki. In the event of serious illness, accident or other emergency, call 112.

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