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Employment support and social rehabilitation

men working in a workshop and wooden objects

Employment and support for working life skills are promoted by many divisions of the City of Helsinki such as the employment management services of the Central Administration and the work activities of the Social Services and Health Care Division. The work activities of the Social Services and Health Care Division are intended for the long-term unemployed and individuals with reduced work ability. The purpose of the service is to support and increase clients’ well-being, life management skills, work ability and functional capacity. In the services, the client and the employer consider what would be a suitable work activity for the client. Sometimes another option is to determine the client’s work ability and guide the client towards rehabilitation or retirement.

Work activities and other activities that improve clients’ preparedness for working life are provided at Uusix workshops, Pakila Work Centre, premises of nature and environmental services and construction services, as well as home care support groups and numerous organisations based in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area among other places. You can also access the services via the multidisciplinary joint service for promoting employment TYP Helsinki or your local adult social work service point.

20.05.2022 16:21