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Modified work in Work Activity Services


Are you involved in work activities and would like to try out salaried work?

Work Activity Services arranges salaried work that allows you to try out different types of work tasks and find a suitable amount of work for you. You will continue participating in work activities, but at the same time, you will carry out salaried work for additional income. 

At first, you will be working for a few hours per week. You will be paid €10 per hour. An income statement that we formulate together with you will ensure that the salaried work will not have adverse effects on your benefits.

You can carry out work tasks such as:

  • sanitation services such as cleaning or dishwashing
  • outdoor work such as gritting, clearing snow or raking
  • bagging or packaging work
  • custom sewing

How do I start salaried work?

  1. Interest: The work starts from your personal interest. Please bring the matter up with your work activity contact.
  2. Plan: Together with you, we will help you decide on a suitable time for the work and map out the skills necessary to carry out the job.
  3. Preparation: An income and debt statement will be made with you if necessary. We will help you fine-tune your skills in the work activities.
  4. Salaried work: You will not be left alone when trying out salaried work, as several workers often join you on the job. In the beginning, you will also be accompanied by an instructor.

What does ordering work require from the customer?

Do you need help with grocery shopping, does your business have materials in need of archiving, should someone wash your couch or water your lawn, or do you have other jobs that need doing?

We have workers for a wide variety of tasks. By utilising our services, you also provide people involved in Work Activity Services the experience of salaried work. A support person will accompany the worker if necessary.

How to order workers

Jobs can be ordered by a business, an association, an organisation, a private person or an operator of the City. As the client, you will pay €14.50/hour (+ VAT) per worker for the jobs. The workers are paid €10/hour.

Depending on the job, we may deploy one or several workers. Repeating jobs can also be arranged.

As the client, you will not be an employer. All employer obligations and insurance matters will be taken care of by Jobcenter.

As the client, you will have to take care of the following matters:

  • Providing a description of and familiarisation with the job
  • Announcing the time of the job and the number of working hours
  • Providing tools and equipment for the job if necessary
  • Accepting the order terms and conditions
  • Selecting a suitable invoicing option and paying the invoice

Contact information for those ordering work:
+358 40 620 6658,

More informatio:
project coordinator Krista Markoff, +358 40 620 6658,

Jobcenter builds a more able-bodied Stadi

The Jobcenter model that facilitates modified work is being developed and piloted as part of the Työkykyisempi Stadi (‘More Able-Bodied Stadi’) project. The model enables people with disabilities and partial work ability to try salaried work with a low threshold without losing their right to participate in work activities according to their own abilities and resources.
The project is part of the national Work Ability Programme.

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