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Non-institutional work activities

Open Mon-Fri 8:15-16:00

Hopeatie 6, 00440 Helsinki
PO Box 8640, 00099 City of Helsinki
Faksi 09 3103 2515
Manager Anne Valppu-Vanhainen, tel. 09 3103 2502

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Non-institutional work activities provide rehabilitative employment services in the form of work activities in the fields of building and facilities management and nature and the environment and assistive work activities in home care and at a café, organised by the City’s divisions and municipal enterprises.

The work activity periods are customised to the individual needs of the clients and offered to unemployed Helsinki residents who are in different stages of employment. The most important forms of work activity are rehabilitative work activities, work activities for the disabled and the rehabilitating work with inmates project.

You can participate in non-institutional work activities, even without any prior work experience or training. Additionally, the work activities allow you to increase your skills by performing real work duties in a real work environment.
The wide network encourages you to seek education. Clients who wish to be employed in the field in question are supported with skill certificates, training cooperation and work coaching.

Further information on services:

-  Rehabilitating prisoner work
-  Work activities for the disabled by the employment support

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