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Rehabilitation counselling

Hopeatie 6, 2nd floor, 00440 Helsinki
PO Box 8647, 00099 City of Helsinki
Fax 09 3103 2515

Staff (link to the Finnish page)

The purpose of rehabilitation counselling is to support and increase the well-being, life management skills, work ability and functional capacity of clients who participate in work activities.

Clients can contact rehabilitation counselling personally, or contact can be made by a close relative or friend of a client or an employee working with the client in another service. The services are free of charge for the clients.

An employee of rehabilitation counselling

• guides, supports and strengthens clients in the rehabilitation process
• guides clients in the use of social, health care and rehabilitation services and applying for social benefits
• assesses the client’s work ability, functional capacity and preparedness for working life together with the client and a supervisor
• cooperates with parties that refer clients to rehabilitation counselling, as well as other social, health care and rehabilitation services
• organises group activities that support rehabilitation
• prepares decisions and plans for clients regarding work activities for people with disabilities and activities supporting their access to employment.
• coordinates rehabilitating work with inmates
• participates in the development of the rehabilitative nature of work activities.

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