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Rehabilitative work activities

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The goal of rehabilitative work activities is to improve the client's life management and give prere prerequisities for employment. 

Rehabilitative work activities might be just the ticket!

What are rehabilitative work activities?

Rehabilitative work activities are a municipal social welfare service for unemployed jobseekers. They are based on the Act on Rehabilitative Work. These activities do not constitute an employment relationship. Rehabilitative work activities are organised at City of Helsinki work activity centres, associations and foundations, as well as City and Government locations, among other places.

Rehabilitative work activities give you a chance to gain experience in:

  • assistive care tasks, janitorial tasks and cleaning, kitchen and café work
  • tasks related to manual skills in workshops, including sewing, printing, ceramics, jewellery, upholstery, woodwork, painting, metalwork and repairing bicycles, among other things
  • tasks related to IT and PC workshops, communications and sales, transport, warehouses, packaging and mailing, as well as assistive office tasks
  • tasks in the fields of nature and the environment, as well as building and facilities management.

How can I participate in rehabilitative work activities?

You must be an unemployed jobseeker living in Helsinki. Please contact the Employment and Economic Development Office and make sure that your jobseeker status is active. Then contact an expert at the Employment and Economic Development Office or your own social instructor or worker. You can also access rehabilitative work activities through TYP Helsinki.
Rehabilitative work activities are based on a plan drafted in cooperation by the client, social worker or social instructor and an Employment and Economic Development Office expert. Participation in the work activities agreed upon in the plan is compulsory.

Duration of rehabilitative work activities

The first rehabilitative work period is always three months long. Rehabilitative work activities may be continued for up to two years in periods of varying lengths. Jobseekers may work for 4–6 hours a day for 1–4 days a week in rehabilitative work activities.

The impact of rehabilitative work activities on income

When you participate in rehabilitative work activities, you are entitled to unemployment allowance or social assistance. In addition to this, you will receive nine euros in cost compensation for each work activity day, as well as travel expense compensation.

Ask your assigned worker for more information!

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