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Uusix workshops

Work activities during corona time

  • Rehabilitating work activities and work activities for the disabled are still provided to current clients in the Pakila Work Centre, Non-institutional work activities and Uusix workshops. Some of the services are provided as distance services.

  • New clients are not admitted to the local rehabilitating work activities and work activities for the disabled. It is possible to start with distance services and already agreed programs are started. Clients who are seeking the service are called and their situation is assessed.

  • Face to face group work training, events, trips or excursions are not organised in the work activity locations.

  • The pick-up point of Pakila work centre and the shops and service points of the Uusix workshops (recycling of building parts and recycling of bikes and computers) are closed. The Uusix pop-up shop in Hakaniemi market hall is open until 23.12.

    The changes are valid until 31.1.2021.

  • Kyläsaarenkatu 8 J 00580 Helsinki
    Service map
    Po Box 8644, 00099 City of Helsinki
    Tel. +358 (0)9 3108 9500
    Fax +358 (0)9 3108 9514

    Open: Mon-Fri 8-16

    colourful towels hanging on a yellow wall

    Uusix workshops are first-stage workplaces in rehabilitative work activities.Its purpose is to assess the customers’ situations, support their life management skills and to promote their return to the job market. The service is intended for unemployed Helsinki residents.

    Uusix provides 400–500 customers with rehabilitative work activities at any given time. In addition to rehabilitees, Uusix also employs trainees and subsidised employees. Guidance is provided by roughly 70 employees.

    Uusix operates at two locations: Uusix-Kyläsaari and Uusix-Suvilahti, which comprise 18 sections that provide work activities. Clients can update their skills in the crafts workshops.

    01.12.2020 18:12