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Kamppi Chapel

Open: Mon-Fri 8-20, Sat-Sun 10-18

Simonkatu 7, 00100 Helsinki

Senior Social Instructor Vaula Walo

Tel. 09 3102 4323

Kamppi Chapel

The Kamppi Chapel is a place for introspection and reflection built from Finnish wood. It is located at Narinkka Square. The lobby of the chapel is a place where anyone can meet and speak with clerical or social workers without an appointment. The chapel provides information and advice about the services of Helsinki parishes and the City of Helsinki Department of Social Services and Health Care.

The Kamppi Chapel is ecumenical and welcomes all visitors irrespective of their religion, faith and origin. The chapel does not usually organize regular church services, and it focuses on theme days and other special programmes. Information about the operations is available on the Helsinki Parish Union web site.

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