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Betania Community Centre in Punavuori

Service hours Mon–Tue 9:00–16.00, Wed–Fri 8:00–14:00

Perämiehenkatu 13, 00150 Helsinki
Map, transport connections, accessibility
PO Box 15710, 00099 City of Helsinki
Tel. 09 3104 4709, café
Reservations and enquiries only through

Officed tel. 09 3107 3935
Café tel. 09 3104 4709
Social care worker Teijo Flyktman, tel. 09 3107 3728 / 050 402 5989

For immigrants

Finnish language group

The Finnish Red Cross’s Finnish language group Mondays from 13:00 till 14:00.

Meeting cafés

Meeting cafés are open for everybody. There are programme and events in which people with different background can meat each other. Cafés organise e.g. live music, workshops and instructed physical exercise. The cafés and service is free of charge.

Meeting cafés every second Monday of the month 17:00–20:00.

Hanna Community Centre

Open Mon–Fri 9:00–16:00

Sturenkatu 12, 00510 Helsinki
Map, transport connections, accessibility
PO Box 7720, 00099 City of Helsinki
Tel. 09 3107 3933
Fax 09 3104 3784
Social care worker Jaana Turpeinen, tel. 09 3107 3934


Rules of the House

  • P–C–A a habit, but not a burden – Partnership, Cooperation and Assistance
  • JOY from activities you enjoy
  • PEACE no forced participation – creative laziness allowed
  • SOBRIETY Intoxicants have no place in these meeting centres

    Hanna Partnership House is a house of many possibilities where you can take up a hobby, meet people, find employment, volunteer and spend your leisure time in peace. The house is open to all Helsinki residents and its activities are either free of charge or available at the cost of the service in question.

    Hanna provides facilities for various recreational groups in the fields of sports, arts and crafts and litterature. The customer computers are a handy way to browse the Internet and IT guidance is available during the house’s opening hours. A sewing workshop offers guidance for anyone interested in handcrafts.

    At Hanna, you can admire art exhibitions, enjoy the buffet or eat a lunch, read the newspapers of the day or watch television. We organise relaxing excursions, courses and theme days all year round. In summer, the residents can enjoy Hanna’s gardening plot in Lapinlahti. This beautiful, lush plot is like an oasis in the middle of Alppila.

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